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High Desert Tactical
Your online source for genuine U.S. issue BDU's,
 Army fatigues & MIL SPEC camouflage clothing
We only sell top QUALITY genuine military issue & MIL SPEC BDUs.  We offer traditional U.S. military patterns, ACU & MARPAT digitals, ATACS, Multicam patterns, Law Enforcement BDUs, camo shorts, t-shirts, boonie hats, M-65 field jackets & ECWCS parkas. All genuine top quality uniform manufacturers such as Propper International, Tiger Stripe Products Tru Spec offered at affordable prices. 
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Traditional camouflage BDU Pants &Shirts... Battle Dress Uniforms... Fatigues made by Propper International, Tru-Spec & Tiger Stripe Products

Digital Camouflage Clothing, MARPAT, Army ACU & Air Force ABU

NEW !!! A-TACS tactical uniforms, Multicam & Hunting Camo Clothing, Advantage Classic, Timber & Realtree BDUs & Hats

Camouflage T-Shirts

Discontinued & Clearance Priced Items Some priced at or below our cost

Law Enforcement BDUs, SWAT & Drug Raid Team Uniforms

Clearance sale on all remaining genuine Wiley-X Ballistic Grade Sunglasses, Tactical & Entry Goggles

ECWCS Cold Weather Parkas,
M-65 Field Jackets & Liners

Camo Boonie Hats, Jungle Hats, Skull Caps, Patrol, Fatigue & Issue Caps

Camo BDU Shorts... Traditional Military
& Digital Patterns

Web & Tactical Belts


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Here at High Desert Tactical we offer only the highest quality BDUs on the market. Our products are genuine U.S. government issue uniforms or MIL SPEC goods
made by U.S. manufacturers.

We do NOT sell the very poor quality imported or counterfeit goods trying to pass them off as name brand goods like many other websites and most all ebayers do.

We realize that most websites offering camo BDUs are confusing and vague about the goods that they sell.

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